What to do when in Newcastle

Why a minibus is is the best way to see Newcastle

coach hire newcastleThere are many places to tour in Newcastle. It has such a wide range of attractions that makes it popular with all ages. Visitors new to the area will usually want to check out the major landmarks and attractions while also squeezing in some fun activities. So, here we will cover some great suggestions for all these aspects to help you have a great time touring Newcastle.

Let’s first take a look at Newcastle’s landmarks. As with many cities, there is normally a famous church. Newcastle’s is the Christ Church Cathedral, where you can enjoy an amazing view of the city and beaches from the top. There is also Nobbys’s Head which is an island connected to the mainland by a peir. The pier was originally constructed back in 1846 by convicts. This is a nice place to take photos and is a good point to get shots of the harbor.

Next we look at attractions. Major attractions in this area (excluding the normal city facilities) are the amazing beaches and parks. King Edward Park is a nice, relaxing spot for a picnic overlooking the sea. Dog owners should head to Redhead Beach or Dudley Beach. However, for enjoying the summer sun, Bar Beach is one of the most popular in the area. That said, there are many nice beaches surrounding Newcastle so you can be sure to find one to suit your way of enjoying the seaside.

Of course, being a major city of the region, there is a mass of things on offer to keep you entertained while here. For laid back browsing days, consider a couple of the many museums and galleries. A few better known ones are The Lock Up Cultural Centre, Fort Scratchly, The Maritime Centre and the Newcastle Region Art Gallery. You could always relax your feet in the famous ocean baths after.

For those that like things more active there are plenty of sporting activities around. The Hunter Wetlands is a good place for hiking or riding which also allows people to barbecue in the area. Another great natural wonder is the Blackbutt reserve, which is huge at 182 hectares! You can of course just catch a concert or check out the festivals with some friends as there are many hosted here. Festivals like the Mattara Festival draw huge crowds. However, one of the most widely known is Surfest! Famous for being Australia’s biggest surfing festival.

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